Benefits of free music download in iTunes - Essay Example

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The writer makes an assumption regarding the modern era of digital music - what if the art would be completely free for anyone? …
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Benefits of free music download in iTunes
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Download file to see previous pages This suggestion to have free music download in iTunes has received many critics from several quotas because it is argued as a violation of copyrights laws of the reproduction (Jost, 6). However, iTunes should acknowledge that free music download has more advantages than the disadvantages thus people should be allowed to download music freely on their website (Small, 41-68). The need for free music download has facilitated over one-hundred artists and hundreds of thousands of songs to be made available free download on the internet (Raw Downloads 1). iTunes has been left behind due to the charges it levies of the songs. Some of the reason music should be downloaded freely includes the benefits from great promotion. When iTunes accepts the need for free download of music on their website, it would provide a better technique of marketing. This should be the chief reason iTunes should offer free music downloads on their website. Through making free music downloads, the music get played by people’s listening cars, devices, radios, major events, clubs, the online websites on the iTunes. When a mass of people are truly attracted to an artist’s music, they will share the music freely through software like Bluetooth. Moreover, this would promote the artist brand name and music thus would get a lot of corporate endorsement (Jost 22). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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