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Issued of the ligalization of drugs - Research Paper Example

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The country spends billions of dollars annually in an extensive fight against the social menace. The country has numerous laws that illegalize various drugs thereby setting appropriate punishments for both peddlers…
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Issued of the ligalization of drugs
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Download file to see previous pages Illegalization of various drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and heroin creates a major social problem and conflicts in the society thus making the government lose substantial financial resources annual. The government should therefore legalize the use of drugs and create effective systems that are easy to manage in order to curb the menace s the discussion below portrays.
Legalizing drugs has more advantages than the current state of affairs has. Some of the illegal drugs have medicinal value a feature that continues to enhance their usage. A drug like marijuana is among the most commonly abused dug in the United States. Users of such rugs cite its medicinal value. As such, the government should make marijuana a prescription drug a feature that would ease access to such drugs thus limiting the violence and crime often associated with the illegal outfits that peddle the drugs. “Decriminalization of drugs would lower the cost of regulating the use of the drugs in the society since it creates systematic structures for the supervision of the industry” (Leuw and Marshall 89).
Legalizing the drug would lower the cost of sustaining the various law enforcement agencies in the country. As stated earlier, the government spends billions of taxpayers’ money in running various police outfits and correctional facilities most of which are strained by the high number of drug offenders “most of the inmates in penitentiaries have drug related cases. Marijuana is the most common case in the prisons” (Husak 121). This implies that by legalizing such a simple drug as marijuana, the government would save billions of dollars for use in other sectors of the economy thus enhancing the economic growth in the country. The reduction in the pressure in such facilities would create room for the effective and efficient management of the prisons thus enhancing the creation of a cohesive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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