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The organization mobilizes youths on socio-economic issues. Being a leader in such an organization and the fact that she had worked with various stakeholders in the community provided her with the necessary…
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Video analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The speaker has a very interesting way of introducing her speech. She begins by providing a real statistics of the world’s population that live in the cities. This serves to draw the attention of the audience as many people are not aware of such statistics. She delivers key facts that serves to prepare the audience on the topic as well as making them aware that she is well versed with the topic she is about to speak on.
Most of the global challenges that are facing the world such as global warming, gas emissions, excessive energy use, and poverty among others occurs in the cities and are thus city problems. Therefore the city dwellers are responsible for the changes needed to improve on such poor conditions. Three approaches that can be used to address such problems include engagement, inclusiveness and the ability to live happy and fulfilling lives. Engagement relates to participation in activities such as voting that has witnessed a downward trend in the major cities of the world. Inclusiveness is based on the level of inequality that exists within the cities. The ability to live happy lives has been compromised in the cities by the manner of habitation in the cities. People have become less interactive and not concerned about one another leading to lack of joy and happiness. Steps towards building cities that care about its inhabitants include active participation revolution and collective decision-making process on matters such as utilization of resources. Citizens need to come up with their own structures of participation without waiting upon the government to act. Individual initiatives can help transform lives of many people living within the cities of the world provided that we are willing to act. She has employed problem-solution pattern of organization in her speech. This approach is very effective in that it seek to persuade the audience which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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