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Speech Analysis: The Mom Who Started the Ice Bucket Challenge - Assignment Example

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The author analyzes the speech of Nancy who delivered it in front of a big audience, possibly over 1000 people, who mostly participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Presumably, most of the people in the Audience had also donated money to the ALS association during this period of ALS awareness…
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Speech Analysis: The Mom Who Started the Ice Bucket Challenge
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Extract of sample "Speech Analysis: The Mom Who Started the Ice Bucket Challenge"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the people who participated in the Challenge and donations are from Boston. That is why it is more effective to deliver the speech at Boston in front of a ‘familiar’ audience which makes Nancy comfortable.
Attention getter- The attention getter Nancy uses the question “How many of you took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?” This seems obvious and rhetorical, presumably, a majority of the people in the audience had participated in the Challenge. As you can see from the reaction of the audience, they barely react to Nancy’s question. Nancy uses a non- verbal cue (by clamping) in order to ‘warm up’ the audience before she begins her speech.
The revelation of topic- The revelation of the topic is the flashback family story that Nancy gives her audience. A flashback to the summer of 2011, Nancy carefully narrates and reveals a powerful family story leading to Pete’s diagnosis and inspiration behind her family taking the initiative to create awareness about ALS.
Statement of Credibility- The statement of credibility is ‘the mom who started the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’. Since Nancy is Pete’s mom and she is heavily involved in the fundraising and ALS awareness initiative, she is credible enough to give the speech. Nancy Frates and her entire extended family are taking great lengths to create awareness about ALS and get philanthropist like Bill Gates on board. Since Nancy was at the forefront of this initiative, definitely makes her credible.
Statement of central idea- The central idea in the introduction of Nancy Frates speech is that very little progress has been done to get treatment for ALS. The idea behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is to help raise funds that can be used to conduct research and clinical trials of drugs that can cure or treat ALS.
Nancy’s family and ALS managed to raise enough funds that will help ALSTDI in Cambridge Massachusetts to come with an ALS trial drug in 2 months. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Speech Analyses Essay Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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