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Transformers I - Essay Example

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The movie is based in the 18th century where transformers are competing for the survival of their world, Cybertron. The war is between two factions of transformers, the Autobots and…
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Transformers I
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Download file to see previous pages Apparently, Sam Witwicky, the grandson of Captain Witwicky, buys a new car only to realize that the car was actually Autobot Bumblelee. This discovery shocks him since it was unimaginable in the human world for someone to transform into a machine or robot. However, Sam Witwicky later learns that Autobot Bumblelee was actually protecting him from the Decepticons (Transformers).
After realizing that the Autobots were actually not harmful to humans, Sam Witwicky and his girlfriend Mikaela stop fearing them. Instead they start working together. They learn that Autobots are harmful when Bumblebee actually helps Sam to woo Mikaela. Moreover, Sam later realizes that the Autobots are actually trying to protect him and the entire earth from destruction by the Decepticons. As they relationship between Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee grows, Sam and Mikaela gain more confidence in Autobots. After all, Bumblebee does not harm any of them. In fact, he comes to their aid severally helping them escape from potential harm by the Decepticons (Transformers).
On the other hand, Decepticons arrive and unleash terror on the planet earth. Their first landing is at a US military base in Qatar. Two Decepticons, Scorponok and Blackout try to hack into computer files at the military base without success. The base commander, William, acts first to prevent the Decepticons from accessing the files. Apparently, the Decepticons hoped to access the files that would help them locate where the AllSpark and their leader, Megatron, were. The captain and his platoon manage to escape from the military base. When the US government learns about this invasion by the Decepticons, they send a special unit to capture all the aliens. The government’s reaction was hostile towards the transformers, which were considered to be aliens. In fact, when the government learns about the presence of Autobots, they also take the same approach and try to capture them. When Sam and Mikaela and taken by a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transformers I Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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