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How technology has effects on humans everyday - Essay Example

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Technology has shown a substantial growth in each, and every aspect of our human life, whether it is electronics devices, computers, automobile, communication systems, and medical fields amongst other fields.
Mankind evolved from the essence that separates human from other…
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How technology has effects on humans everyday
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Download file to see previous pages taking part in all spheres of human activities as the prime factor of people, knowledge is increasing due to many challenges encountered such as education, life expectancy, health care, communication, and wars, natural environmental activities among others. As the day goes necessities tend to spawn and most invention is ushered in with the need of the betterment present globalized world that we exist in a time of advanced technology has shifted to more advanced technology in almost every part of our daily live, everything is related in comparison with old gone days, nowadays we have better sophisticated facilities and even better comfort luxuries with the help of newly increased technology (Scardamalia, 1996).
There are more impacts with the coming of improved technology in our daily life like the introduction of the mobile technology that is growing immensely as media for interacting and communicating with our relatives living far away. Secondly, when one wants to travel its easier with the help of aviation technology in order to reach distant places within the shortest time possible which used to take a century in older days. Through technology, social networking has made it able to share different ideas and views with people from other three continents (Scardamalia, 1996). Technology has also helped in agricultural fields through exchanging of food and commodities, meet food requirements of varied people all over the world with ease.
Through cyberspace, people are able to do many new things, for example, when using the internet to learn distance courses in our colleges and one also takes online courses through the internet which has made the education life easier. Moreover, with the rise of internet technology the world knows one is able to carry business and trade has become very fast and easy and more reliable since it enables people to transact business with someone who is far. Lastly, with the creation of automobile vehicles that assists us to carry out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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