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Fossil Fuels - Essay Example

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They are found in rock formation that contains fossils from decomposed plants and animals. Fossils fuels are formed over a million of years under…
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Fossil Fuels
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Download file to see previous pages This paper presents an argument that the use of fossil fuels that has been in existence for some time now, for instance, coal and oil belongs to the past (Pfeiffer, 2006).
The use of this fuels can be attributed on how inconvenient and adverse effects that fossil fuels have to the environment. Most countries in the world depend entirely on the fossil fuels, hence there is a possibility that if the government do not come up with other power sources, they will be at risk of running out of fossil fuels. It is significant to note that fossil fuels are non-renewable resource hence it can be easily depleted. According to some research that was conducted, fossil fuels might run out in about fifty years to come. In this case, fossil fuels should be regarded to belong to the past since there are other convenient sources of power, for instance, solar energy that may run continuously without the worry that the power may run out in future. Some countries like Pakistan have the largest coal reserves approximately 10,000 square kilometers (Sherman, 2004). Despite Pakistan having such large amount of coal reserves, the reserves have began to reduce which will cause Pakistan to start finding an alternative means of energy.
Most of the countries that are entirely depend on coal, have adopted some technologies, for instance, Clean Coal Technologies which aid in reducing the harmful emissions that result from the combustion of the fossil fuels. These technologies are expensive to maintain and does not completely eliminate the risk caused by emission. Further, compared to using the modern sources of power such as solar energy where such technologies are unnecessary, it becomes expensive.
When the fossil fuels undergo combustion, they generate a lot of hydrocarbon containing pollution. Large amounts of carbon dioxide are emitted and this has detrimental effects to the global climate, for example, change of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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