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Video analysis presentation and paper about selfy - Essay Example

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Often times, selfie is taken when a hand holds a webcam, Smartphone or a digital camera at arm’s length. Perhaps, more than 90% of teenagers worldwide are posting their photos online at least once a…
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Video analysis presentation and paper about selfy
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Download file to see previous pages To get more comments and likes, some of these photos are usually edited to make it look more casual and flattering.
The title of the short film is Aspirational’ featuring Kirsten Dunst and two unknown girls. The video is about two selfie-obsessed girls meeting Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst. Boys are not so much accustomed with selfie as compared to girls. In this video, all these two girls wanted from the Hollywood star were to have a selfie taken with Kirsten Dunst. In fact, these two girls didn’t seem to care about the state and feelings of the Hollywood star.
The video is reflecting on how our behavior as human beings is changing due to the effects of social media. In the current world, life is increasingly becoming dependent on selfies to mark important life events. In relation to the chosen video, these two girls were using the selfie to mark an important event of their lives upon meeting the Hollywood star. It is apparent that if you ever happen to meet the star in the streets, the first thing to carry out is to take a selfie with the celebrity. Basically, their main intention of these two girls was to make their friends believe that they have personally met a celebrity.
The Hollywood star is on the road waiting for a car to pick her up. She is spotted by another car occupied by two young girls. The girls are star struck after seeing her. The two girls awkwardly jump out of the car and attempt to take selfies with her. The two girls completely ignore the Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst’s presence. They don’t even bother if she is breathing and if she is a living person, which makes the situation sad. It is even uncomfortable to watch because it’s disturbing.
Because of the positive and negative sides of selfie, the description of the video narrates that one has to think twice before taking a selfie. Based on the video, selfies have lost the real meaning selfie as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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