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Tourism in Switzerland and Kenya. Advantages and disadvantages - Essay Example

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The movement entails a place outside and far from the usual place of residence. Tourism is renowned globally to be a major source of income to the host countries. Tourism can be classified as…
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Tourism in Switzerland and Kenya. Advantages and disadvantages
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Download file to see previous pages Kenya and Switzerland have registered an impressive record in tourists’ attendance, especially international tourists. Both countries have diverse tourist attractions sites and locations, receiving recognition across the globe.
In Kenya, tourism is an industry that has sustained thousands of people in their daily living. It remains the second great foreign exchange earner, after the leading agriculture. Wildlife remains the core tourist attraction. Kenya is also rich in cultural heritage especially along its coastal region (Akama, pg. 8). This too acts as a source of tourist attraction. The coastal beaches are a superb place to visit especially during winter in the West. Switzerland also remains a famous tourist destination location. It does possess an abundance of natural resources and beautiful landscape. The Alps peaks creates a fascinating site. Their rich culture attracts tourists from various locations across the world (Banfi, Filippini, and Hunt, pg. 690).
Both countries do acknowledge that tourism does fetch immense income. A major exchange earner has steered the growth of the various locations in both countries. There has been a steady rise in the number of revenues collected from tourism activities. Such revenue goes a great way in improvement of Gross Domestic Product. Essentially, it is the business and the fastest growing service industry in the mentioned countries. It does hold immense potential in it. The growth of t tourism sector has led to the upsurge and development of other sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, retailing, and hotel industry.
Tourism contributes directly or indirectly to the macro-economic growth of the countries. Dues to the stimulation of development ion technology, investments, industries and infrastructures, there is creation of an environment that favours economic growth. The foreign currencies stimulate growth. Taxes emanating from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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