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In the UK ethical businesses are not as successful as less ethical businesses - Essay Example

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Generally, if a company participates in actions to make its business more ethical, it has to have an effect on the profit to some level because of the cost used in those operations. Besides, several a times, businesses find it more…
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In the UK ethical businesses are not as successful as less ethical businesses
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Extract of sample "In the UK ethical businesses are not as successful as less ethical businesses"

Download file to see previous pages Sex industry mints billions of pounds and far leads other industries with respect to making money. The sex industry is normally, a 57+ billion annual global business. This is because of the fact that the demand of porn has always been increasing. The fact that prostitution is illegal in many countries further opens more doors to profit from the sex industry. The business has to be done in a secretly, companies and people taking part in sex industry do not have to pay the fees required for getting themselves registered nor do their earnings get cut due to tax deduction. Everything takes place secretly and all possible means of losing out money that are witnessed in ethical businesses are absent in the case of such business (Carrigan & Attalla 2012).
In order to operate a business decently in the UK, the employer has to give first preference to the local workers. However, local workers ask the employers a lot of money in salary. On the other hand, if the employers instead employ illegal migrants, it becomes an equally advantageous association between the employer and the employee. While the employer manages to hire the same or even better services that a local worker would have offered, the employee finds employment and a means of continued existence in the UK. Furthermore, the prosperity of business rises as the internal cost is reduced (Amnable 2003).
Starbucks is one of the most well-liked and the most money-making chains in the UK. Branding the companies on 19 diverse classes, Ethical Consumer recognized Starbucks as the worst with respect to their stand on political activities as well as workers’ rights. Co-editor of the magazine, Dan Welch provided these reasons for this finding;
“We’ve uncovered a record of unethical behaviour that runs completely counter to Starbucks image as an environmentally friendly, bohemian Seattle coffee shop…It covers everything from serving up genetically engineered growth hormone in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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