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Profiling of black males in the unites states - Essay Example

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Individuals of minority ethnic backgrounds legally have the same rights as those of the majority white community. Regardless of the progress that has been…
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Profiling of black males in the unites states
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Download file to see previous pages Each African American living in the United States who has travelled via public transportation such as buses, airplanes or owns a motor vehicle has been a victim of racial profiling. Unfortunately, many victims of the law enforcement officials experience this form of discrimination unknowingly. On the outside, legally, one may visualize an equal America with each person being protected by the liberties in the constitution. Individuals of all races, with several generations of American blood, have an illusion of equality from the fairy tale like image of the America. Sadly, this is not the case, and individuals of African American decent are disproportionately stopped, searched and targeted by the police purely on the basis of their race (Weatherspoon, n.p).
Many times I have witnessed a black male being borderline harassed by the law enforcement officials in a way that would never happen to a white male. In addition, these harassments frequently occur with no signs of provocation from the victim. Well, one might ask who is to blame for this unequal and unfair treatment of the African American male. The justice system has had a significant role in this matter as it has in some instances given encouragement and condoned the law enforcement officials to prosecute, arrest, stop and incarcerate black males (Weatherspoon, n.p). The typical image of criminal in the eyes of the law enforcement is a young black male. Racial profiling exists in all sections of American society including the government, which has led other institutions in the private sectors to take the same approaches in their activities.
The majority of black males in America are aware of the fact that they are profiled. A study was carried out by the Washington Post asking random black males whether they feel they are victims of racial profiles. The study found that approximately 50% of black males believe that they were victims of racial profiling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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