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Sonnet Poetry - Essay Example

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is an English sonnet number 18 of the 154 sonnets by William Shakespeare. The sonnet is one of the straightest forward in language and intent. The poem is one of the many works of William Shakespeare. The poet compares his beloved to the…
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Sonnet Poetry
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Download file to see previous pages The poem has fourteen rhymed lines. Each of the lines consists of ten syllables. Per se, this is the basic form of the sonnet. It also has a variety of rhymes that count to seven pair’s altogether (Raymond & Alden). The poem is printed as an unbroken fourteen-liner rather than two sections of the eight lines and six lines. However, it is still possible to observe an octave and a sestet in the poem with a definite turn between them. The main introductory word between them is the word ‘but’. Sonnet 18 follows the structure of many English poems where it is divided lines of roughly ten syllables with five stresses (Raymond & Alden).
The sonnet is also written in iambic form. It is observable that there are lines of poetry that repeatedly use an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. Shakespeare utilized rhythm in his works. The rhythm often conditions the manner in which the reader reads the poem. Per se, it also shapes the meaning within which, a reader deduces from the poem. Sonnet 18 has three ways it can be red, an octave, a sestet and also a three quatrains. Three quatrains mean three units of four lines followed by a closing couplet of two rhymed lines (Raymond & Alden).
Sonnet 18 makes an immediate comparison between the poet’s friend and the beauty of a summer’s day. The poet uses the simile technique of comparing items. There are other lines that make use of metaphor to bring out the meaning such s line five. In line five, the sun becomes the eye of heaven (Raymond & Alden). The metaphor is also extended to line six where the sun becomes a human face with a good complexion. He also talks about summer and says that it is not going to fade away. ‘But thy eternal summer shall not fade. Comparing summer with youth is a perfect method of depicting optimism. It should be noted that winter is considered as a bad weather in which the sky is bleak; the wind is cold while summers are its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sonnet Poetry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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