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Environment and Space - Assignment Example

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Riyadh is a capital city of Saudi Arabia kingdom and is located in Nejd region. The building is a perfect choice for my report because of it aesthetic beauty. It has an architectural design…
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Environment and Space
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Download file to see previous pages It is free from column ensuring maximum visibility from inside where the glass facades provide an attractive recreation environment. However, the building has an impressive multi-purpose banqueting hall that can hold approximately 2000 people in comfort. In addition, it has a landmark high office tower, a five star hotel, a retail mall, car parking, and residential accommodations (Stevenson, 1997).
The Alfaselaya building is designed and supervised by a joint venture between Buro Happold and Foster and partners. The Buro Happold has a wide number of services such as design for construction and fit out, inspirational design, integrated design, intelligent reuse of sites and buildings, efficient and green design, and operational effectiveness of buildings. On the other hand, the foster and partners is one of the integrated design and innovative architecture practices in the globe. The practice has opened up a sustainable architectural approach over the past 4 decades. This is evident from it work that range from urban masterplans, airport, public infrastructure, offices and workplaces, civil and cultural buildings to product design an private houses (Stevenson, 1997).
The Buro Happold and Foster and partners ventures came up with a thorough plan in designing of the Alfaselaya complex to ensure error free fit out and construction. There are a number of design directions provided by the two ventures. The first one was providing quality architectural design to ensure that the quality of Alfaselaya’s surrounding had a quality influence on peoples’ lives. The second one was environmental engineering design. The environmental engineers formed an integral part in ensuring electrical, mechanical and fire protection of the building (Stevenson, 1997). The third one was ensuring proper structural engineering. They came up with seismic and dynamic design to form a geometrical and conventional structure. The next one was coming up with a design that ensured ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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