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My key roles as prescribed by the Federal sheriff department are to provide an efficient and effective crime performance control and maintain ace of law and order…
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English 305
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Download file to see previous pages al. 67). Broadly, the types of criminal activities handled by the Wood vale sub-federal police department include the following; robbery with violence, domestic violence, carjacking and pick pocketing among other petty criminal offenses.
Robbery with violence was rampant with 34% reported cases in the first quarter of the year in the months of January through to march. In the criminal investigating department, this was due to police departments’ leniency in the first quarter months to tackle robbery with violence criminal activities. In the second quarter in the months of March through to June, the robbery with violence cases reduced to 17% (Conser et. al. 91). This was because of stringent rules and regulations by the police department, which were aimed at reducing this criminal act. Domestic violence was also at a higher percentage at the beginning of the year. This, however, has reduced in the second quarter due to the adoption of the community policing policies. Psychologically and socially, the domestic violence criminal activities are more inclined towards the communities’ policing hence it was a good idea for the police department to take part in the community related criminal control mechanisms.
Carjacking criminal activities have reduced from 54% to 30% while pick pocketing has reduced from 43 to 22 percent. The Woodvale groove region is a place in the woodlands thus most of the car robbery incidences are often carried out in this region. The inaccessibility nature of this area perhaps makes it easier for the car robbers to maneuvre their way into the woodlands. As the police department, over the second quarter of the year 2014, we engaged in various highway traffic operations. These operations aimed at the identification of cars and their ownership. These operations have reduced carjacking incidences. Lastly, pick-pocketing incidences have also reduced by 21 percent in the second quarter months of the year ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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English 305 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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