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Facts and Fiction in the Novel - Year of Living Dangerously - Essay Example

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This study, Facts and Fiction in the Novel - Year of Living Dangerously, stresses that an award-winning Australian, Christopher J. Koch, brings to life the pressure world of the foreign correspondent and pathetic characters. He is a proclaimed author of many fictional and inspirational books. …
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Facts and Fiction in the Novel - Year of Living Dangerously
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Extract of sample "Facts and Fiction in the Novel - Year of Living Dangerously"

Download file to see previous pages The writer relates to events that happened in the year 1965. In relation to facts and fiction found within the book, there is a lot to be drawn from the novel. Some elements push the reader into specific interpretive paths. Although factual in mode, it contains a mythological framework, which provides a set of possible explanations from the novel. More importantly is that Indonesia culture does not merely serve as an oriental background for the adventures of journalists from the west. Indigenous elements of Indonesia dominate and structure the work. Furthermore, the oriental element in the novel works as the missing part of the journalist from the west, thus an absent spiritual component of the accident. In comparison with facts and fiction, the novel scarcely touches on political issues of the west. It rather concentrates on the theme of cultural clash.
Another point is the choice of narrator. Billy Kwan, a foreign journalist, replaces cookie. In comparison with the screenwriter, Billy does not straddle two worlds but also combines elements of both East and West because of his mixed parentage. This is considered an Australian topic, in the context of the colonial heritage of the country, and day to day from the rest of the world and thus plays as the central metaphors of the novel. This adds a new direction to the story. His role is to help others overcome their inability and be able to see and understand other cultures. The lead character in the novel is Guy Hamilton, an Anglo-Australian journalist. Though representing the world of reality and Western logic, he tries to understand the imaginative world.
There is an arising of puppet motif - both politically and personally - represented by President Sukarno and Billy respectively, with their attempt to manipulate the people. Sukarno creates an image of unity between the opposites. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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