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Comparison and contrast of two photos - Essay Example

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Photographs are typically used as a form of recording or documenting a given aspect of life for the sole purpose of ensuring that that moment is preserved for later reference. This means that through photographs, we are able to record various aspects that we may feel are worth…
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Comparison and contrast of two photos
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Download file to see previous pages As Susan Sontag put it, a photograph is both a pseudo-presence and taken by absence (Abbott 37). This just augments the fact that photographs serve a far greater role than the preservation of the authentic feel of the moment. This fact can sufficiently be highlighted through an analysis of two photos taken at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, Ecuador.
The first picture shows two boys sitting on the floor while resting their backs against the wall. It is undoubtedly daytime as shown by the relatively bright natural light coming in through the window. The first boy has his arms crossed, with a large hot-pink luggage bag between his legs. The other boy is hurdled up at the nearing corner, with a large black bag in front of him. He is resting his hand on the window stool, and slightly extending it to his chin. A reflection of his face can be seen next to the large glass window adjacent to him. A short distance in front of him there is another striped luggage bag, but this is slightly smaller than the first two. The boys are both looking in the same direction, most likely having spotted something of mutual interest to both of them. In this case, they were apparently looking at three uniformed ladies walking across the hall-way. Moreover, both of them are just wearing regular clothes. They are both wearing t-shirts, with denim pants. Their regular choice of clothing and choice of seating shows that they are there casually, or in a casual mood. In addition, their choice of seating, the floor, can be taken to mean that they had waited for quite a long time and were tired, or there weren’t any seating spaces remaining.
The second picture also shows a waiting area, with the prominent point of focus being a smiling gentleman and a dog. The gentleman is smiling heartily, supposedly as a result of the dog having accepted a piece of bread from him. The dog is a customs dog, with an identification vest across its back. As opposed to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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