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Wikipedia is not the Enemy Project - Assignment Example

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Wikipedia defines entrepreneurship as the ‘process of starting a business or other organization.’ The entrepreneur is the individual responsible for the enterprise in the form of capital, management,…
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Wikipedia is not the Enemy Project
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Download file to see previous pages Its importance to the society makes it is worth being included in Wikipedia.
Writing Entrepreneurship as a topic in Wikipedia is not enough. The author must ensure a proper breakdown into smaller and detailed subtopics. As an author, I would include detailed subtopics like definition and background, importance, definition and qualities of an entrepreneur and types of entrepreneurship. In the listing, I would also include the potential sources of finance for startups, forecasters of success in entrepreneurship and examples of successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. At the end of the article, I would include a reference list. In the topic, the most potentially controversial parts are the definition and the sources of finance for startups parameters for measuring success because they are not measurable, and every individual can have their opinion. I would gain information on entrepreneurship from business journals, books and newspapers because they provide a lot of information (Wikipedia 1).
The entry of entrepreneurship article in Wikipedia is a shorter version compared to what other sources provide. Wikipedia has divided it into numerous subtopics namely definition, background, history, definition and skills of and entrepreneur, psychological makeup, project entrepreneurship, financing, predictors of success, recent developers and referencing with further reading. The entry was last revised on 27, October 2014 at 1307 hours. The experts cited in the article include Joseph Schumpeter, Jean Baptist, Peter Drucker and Frank Knight (Wikipedia 1).
The history subtopic in the article is shorter and less informative. The barriers to entrepreneurship that the article provides are outdated with the old days of 17th and 19th centuries. The 21st century needs more descriptive and informative barriers. The subtopics of background and history have been de-emphasized, and the interested reader may feel frustrated. A reader might also feel cheated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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