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Power of Communication - Assignment Example

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In line with Elinor Fuche’s ‘visit to a small planet’, it is not just enough to plainly go through a play without digging deep…
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Power of Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Both theories help in arriving at the true meaning and essence of a play. This is the only way in which the audience of a play gets in touch with the writer, and clearly gets the message that the writer of the play intended to pass across.
This paper, therefore, goes a long way to critically analyze “the importance of being Earnest” in light of Aristotle’s six elements of a play. First and foremost is the plot of the play. According to Aristotle, plot simply refers to the flow of incidents through which a protagonist progresses (Aristotle paragraph one). It talks more of the arrangement of events, and how they follow each other from the beginning to the end of the play. When analyzing plot as an integral element of a play, it is very critical to establish the relationship between and among different scenes or acts. The events in the play at hand truly agree with Aristotle’s theory. In Act one, we are introduced to both Jack and his fictional brother (Wilde act 1). Jack lives a double life and this is known to no one else but himself. The second Act brings us to the real reasons why jack lives a double life, while the third Act leads us in discovering the whole truth suggested in the second Act.
The second element is Character. This is how the actors or figures in a play relate to each other, in a bid to achieve their different goals and motives (Aristotle paragraph two). Understanding the character helps in the identification of the conflict, since conflict is created by the goals, motives and desired pursued by each of the characters throughout the play. In the case at hand, the desire of Cecily is to get married to Ernest, which is also the desire of Gwendoline (Wilde act 3). This creates a conflict between them, a conflict that leads to the discovery of the truth. Gwendoline, in her desire to strengthen her relationship with Jack, decides to pay him a surprise visit. Gwendoline’s mother, Lady Bracknell, is not pleased by this and follows ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Power of Communication Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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