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Barn Burning - Essay Example

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Here the hero in the story, Abner Snopes responds to the upper class society through his own means, though his ways are often scandalous. The ways he…
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Barn Burning
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Extract of sample "Barn Burning"

Download file to see previous pages He maintains the same mentality all through the story and the same causes for his ultimate tragedy. Faulkner uses various symbols and motifs in order to provide a word picture of the characters and the story.
Fire is used as a very powerful symbol and it has got a devastating power in controlling the actions of the story. That is why the poet off and on brings fire to the scenes. Analyzing the use of fire in the story, it is evident that Snopes takes it as the proper way to cover his inherent powerlessness and his quest for power and self expression. It is this powerlessness that made him to view other’s life with jealousy and contempt. By burning the barn, he underlines this thought and resumes his actions even after the punishment from the court. The way he prepares fire for the family is notable. He loves his family too much and dedicates himself for his family. He scolds and even strikes his son, Sartoris for not supporting the family in the crisis. After burning the barn and the family run out of the town, Snopes makes a small fire by the road side which was really insufficient for protecting the family from the cold season. It indicates that he could not protect his family in a critical juncture, even if he is capable of committing fiery crimes. Snopes takes fire as a weapon to cover his inability and he regards it as the means of protecting his integrity. Being powerless and poor, he depends on fire as the right method to avenge upon his false concepts. Therefore, the fire in the story is symbolic to the powerlessness or impotency of Snopes.
The soiled rug is another symbol that Faulkner uses effectively in order to unveil the grudge of Snopes to the lordship. Snopes uses horse manure to soil the carpet the house of Major de Spain. Here one could identify the change in Snopes modes operandi in committing crimes. It is the first time that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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