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Writing Profiles. Jeffrey Dahmer - Essay Example

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His family used to move a lot. His mother was suffering from psychological conditions and his father was usually busy with his career. This left…
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Writing Profiles. Jeffrey Dahmer
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Download file to see previous pages His home was characterized with constant quarrels between the parents. When he began attending school, he was always withdrawn and the teachers reported that he showed very little interest in schoolwork and was becoming more isolated. His overall tolerance to frustration was also notably low (Giannetakis).
The most common interests that he developed following the surgery included frequent walks to the woods and exploring the interiors of animals. However, he was not interested in killing the animals or inflicting pain on them. Instead, he used to collect dead ones and dismantle their bodies. This may have been the beginning of the killing behavior that he adopted during his adulthood. When he was not visiting the woods, he spent most time alone. This situation worsened as he got older because his socialization urges declined. The loneliness continued even in high school where he became a drunkard and avoided classes. According to his father’s guidelines, he enlisted in the Army but was discharged after serving for two years in the Army due to his drunkard behavior. Prior to his first kill in 1988, Dahmer was struggling with his own sadistic fantasies that most probably pushed him into killing his first victim; Hicks (Harris 10-11). Dahmer invited Hicks to his father’s home and after the two drunk and engaged in sexual activities Dahmer smashed Hicks’ head after he said that he wanted to leave. He then dismantled Hicks’ body and put the parts in garbage bags that he buried in his father’s compound. Several years later, he dug the remains up and crushed the bones disbursing them in the woods. His explanation for this behavior was that he did not want Hicks to leave. He committed his first murder when he was 18 years old (National Museum of Crime & Punishment).
He then stayed for at least nine years before committing the next murder. His second victim was named Tuomi, a person he picked from a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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