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Critique of Zip Bam Pow - Essay Example

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Bam! Pow summarises the views by Rizzo about the state of the US in the comedy industry in the mid twentieth century. The real content stands out when the author’s views about the US appear. They consist of the outlook of concretely fixed ideas…
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Critique of Zip Bam Pow
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Download file to see previous pages There exists a generic and specific arrangement within the continuum that depends on the degree of affinity. The originality of the forms of these components, however, cannot be altered. The arrangements programmed in a manner that makes them look good or right from a human perspective. The appearance is false but Rizzo hold that embracing them is a necessity (Rizzo 2014). Rizzo did not aim his argument at changing the forms of predicates to make them sensible but rather appeared to express the reality in the US. Rizzo puts to the fold what he calls particulars through his experience by identifying and instantiating nature.
Robinson disagrees with Rizzo’s views on universal ideas in his article Zip! Bam! Pow! He refutes claims by Rizzo that the way to goodness is by understanding the universe and differentiating the form of its components from the real status of its particulars (Rizzo 2014).Robinson posits that the highest outward appearance of existence is the life of the logical being. The lower forms of the same life in turn serve this. In his explanation, he supports slavery because by following his path, the barbarians were lesser rational beings compared to the Greeks. This was the offshoot of his varying views regarding the econo,mic situation of the US at the time. Robinson claims that all the components of the US with life posses’ inherent potentialities. Therefore, it is upon them to develop the said potential to the maximum. This means that the most satisfying form of human nature is that a person has to use his rational abilities to the fullest.
Robinson was much younger than Rizzo was. However, he differed in a ferocious manner him. Robinson’s writing was very different in both style and content. The two only strike a common ground on various matters, which shows that they spend quite a considerable amount of time together. The two great philosophers agree that the life of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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