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What are some of the reasons given in the article for the achievement gap in education in the United States what do you think could solve the problem discussed in the reading - Essay Example

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There are different tiers in the American society depicted by the presence of the poor people and the ones who have the ability to cater for their children in an amicable way. This has been manifested strongly in the education sector where the rich are able to send their…
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What are some of the reasons given in the article for the achievement gap in education in the United States what do you think could solve the problem discussed in the reading
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Extract of sample "What are some of the reasons given in the article for the achievement gap in education in the United States what do you think could solve the problem discussed in the reading"

Download file to see previous pages According to Robert Reich, a professor of public policy at the University of California and the author of ‘Beyond Outrage’, the average SAT-type tests between children in the richest ten percent and the bottom ten per cent was about ninety points on an eight hundred point scale thirty years ago. This has nevertheless increased to one hundred and twenty five points today a scenario which depicts the increasing achievement gap between the children coming from the two backgrounds. Are there ways of averting this and ensuring everyone gets quality education?
There are various ways that can be used to narrow the achievement gap. They are discussed in the following section. Before addressing the problem, it is good to understand what is causing the gap increase. It is evident that the children coming from rich families are taken to the best schools which have the best facilities and they have the requirements that enhance their learning environment to ensure that they succeed or make it in education. On the contrary the children coming from the poor families hardly have the money and so they will end up in the schools offering poor education and having poor facilities. According to Reich this can be solved by harmonising the standards of education offered.
The best way to address the problem is therefore to make sure that all the students get quality and same education. Robert looks at the teacher: student ratio in the schools serving the two groups and realizes that though the ratio is closely the same, the funding per student in the wealthy owned schools is very high and among the highest across the improved countries being analysed. If the government could intervene and increase the student funding then that would mean that the children from the poor families will also have an opportunity to have good facilities and boost their learning. The lack of quality facilities is a major drawback ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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