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It must be related to worikng and education - Research Proposal Example

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Some people feel that it is not only advantageous for the student in gaining experience and shaping their personality, but also a very wise financial move. On opposing, some…
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It must be related to worikng and education
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, part-time jobs offer a practical learning experience to the students. This experience ensures that they are well prepared for their jobs. It is very beneficial especially if the students get part-time jobs that are related to their class work. They will develop useful professional networks that will assist them on later years (Lillydahl 310-315). For the students who find jobs that are not related to their career paths, they benefit by gain skillful tactics that will enable them in responding to challenges on their later days.On the other hand, some people fell that the students could drop out of school after they have earned money. Additionally, they also argue that the students will be too exhausted after working to go to school. This will lead to missed classes and poor performance in the examinations (Tilly b 35)
This research paper will conduct a survey to show the actual percentage of people on each side of the motion. The researcher will issue questionnaires to parents and students to fill up. An interview will also be conducted. The data collected will be analyzed and graphically presented for a clear understanding of the problem. The researcher will have some recommendations at the end of the research.
The drive of steering this research is to try to develop recommendations for the students who wants part-time jobs. The research will be relevant for the society and Company to know whether when they offer jobs to students they cause problems to them or not. The study will also assist students in making their decisions when looking for jobs. This will assist them in knowing the pros and cons of part-time jobs.
The research will try to answer three questions which will support in realizing the objective of the study. One of the question will be “Should students have part-time jobs?” This questioned will be answered by both parents and students. The respondents who will be answering the questionnaire and interviews will be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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