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Analysis of a viral phenomenon - Assignment Example

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Such news have been widely spread in all over the world in an autumn 2001 as this meme is remained to be highly popular in that time. The…
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Analysis of a viral phenomenon
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Download file to see previous pages Christopher van Cannistraro claims that “Bert is Evil is a photoshopping trend that involves superimposing an image of Sesame Street character Bert into scenes of disasters like JFK’s assassination and Oklahoma City bombings in similar vein to Disaster Girl” (n.p.). Originally that is considered to be “featuring short, humorous backstories for each Bert is Evil image posted on the site” (Cannistraro, n.p.). The initial idea has been to create meme for the sake of humor and mockery on the cruel and ruthless actions.
Sesame Street is regarded as a television show for children and Ignacio’s intentions have been to display global problems or highly serious hurdles of a particular society into the dimension of children perception. It is surely that such jokes are remained to be adult, but the hero from child’s program brings another vision of this or that problem.
Still, “By the summer of 1998, the original website’s bandwidth costs became too expensive for Ignacio to keep the website running. Instead of taking it down, he offered anyone who was willing to mirror the website permission to host it” (Cannistraro, n.p.)., AngelFire and have mirrored the web site with pleasure and since that time a huge number of different variations has begun to be introduced to people on television and through the internet.
Bert is Evil memes have attained a high popularity in the world in general and in USA particularly. The image of Bert has been regarded as “a dark genius who is connected to several high-profile personalities” (BBC, n.p.). This memes have the appreciation in society, especially the young generation do like this phenomenon. The internet is considered to be a big power with a huge rang of opportunities. That is why these small memes have been widely spread in the society.
It should be admitted that Bert is Evil has reached its peak in October 2001 (BBC, n.p.). The news that “Bert, from the US childrens ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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