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Individual Work on Study Techniques - learning styles - Assignment Example

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I am aware my visual learning enables use of objects such as charts, pictures and visual sight to understand different concepts. I am able to…
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Individual Work on Study Techniques - learning styles
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Download file to see previous pages I am aware that each learner has a different learning style that depends on his or her earlier years of socialisation. I am a Chinese family whereby close social relationships are valued, respect for senior is critical, and thus my preferred learning style is listening. The course has introduced me to critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills that are associated with subjects such as mathematics and thus I will be capable of handling difficult situations in my workplace (Reid 2005, p 71).
The crucial aspects of my personal life are the ability to remain calm and concentrate on my studies in order to meet my learning goals (Haggar 2011, p 19). I am self-driven and capable of setting realistic and attainable goals that will enable me attain personal fulfillment and gain more opportunities in my career life. The academic studies have enabled me gain self-awareness and evaluate my strengths and weaknesses during learning in order to select the best learning styles that will enable me meet my goals (Allen, Scheve and Nieter 2010 p 123).
I have active listening skills and excellent communication skills that enable me absorb critical information during lecturers and interact with peers during group discussions. I am capable of managing my time wisely and allocate enough time towards my study and personal activities. I can prioritise my tasks and prepare work schedules thus ensuring timely accomplishment of all assignments (Dunn and Griggs 1995, p 63). My ability to build rapport and good interpersonal skills have enabled me attain cooperative learning skills that are essential in team learning activities. In this case, I am able to participate effectively in problem-solving sessions with my peers and solve complex case problems that require use of critical analysis and different perspectives (Streeter 2005, p 106). I am inspired my future dreams of becoming of transforming my society and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Individual Work on Study Techniques - Learning Styles Assignment.
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