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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is considered to be an assessment that provides a helping hand in the dimension of understanding the character and peculiar features of a person. Indication of preferences and recognition of your individual values is possible with the help of this…
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Download file to see previous pages It is worse to mention that represented positions of ENTJ are rather compatible with my personal preferences and reflect my character entirely. Moreover, observing my MBTI results give me an opportunity for better understanding of myself and deeper recognition of my preferences and character.
First and foremost, I want to notice that ENTJ depicts an active and socialized person with logical thinking and straightforward aims (Author, page). Also, an appropriate order with objective attitude is important for such people. I totally agree with such explanations, and these characteristic features belong to my individuality. Taking this assessment helps me to realize that I have a big number of positive traits, and they will be very useful in my future life and career.
It should be admitted that I do like analyzing everything and I am in a permanent search of the logical explanation of each thing that is under my interest. Sometimes people may think that I am picky and hypercritical, but it is only because of my huge interest to some phenomena, and my natural traction to logical elucidation of the question.
What is more, I like to be aware with my schedule and to know an appropriate time for this or that proceeding. It is essential for me do make everything in time and do not permit lateness in my everyday responsibilities. Sometimes it is even seems to me that the violation of my daily order and my plans brings infraction in my inner world.
I must agree with the argument about clear standards of correct and incorrect behavior and right or wrong constitutions. It is mentioned that ENTJ type of people are able to establish his/her own rules and standards of behavior (Author, date). The matter is that behavioral pattern in my mind is considered to be rather socialized and adequate. What is more, I may feel irritation to people who intends to present ill-mannered or outraged behavior, as we all live in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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