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The topic must be related to Working and Education, and something that you can do - Research Proposal Example

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In the same way, it allows a student to exercise the skills and knowledge gained in theory and applies them to the real situation. As every profession now…
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The topic must be related to Working and Education, and something that you can do research
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Extract of sample "The topic must be related to Working and Education, and something that you can do"

Download file to see previous pages My research topic is: The increasing use of technology in workplace and reduction in human resource needs.
Technology has been identified as a boost to the economy. It does not only make work easier but also more convenient and dependable. One form of technology can perform the duties of several workers more efficiently and take less time. As technology use increases in companies and industries, it is agreeable that many people will be losing jobs. Many technical and less skilled jobs are being performed by machines. It reduces the company’s need for human beings who would be performing these jobs. Since machines are more efficient and have lower operational cost, many companies are taking this opportunity to mechanize their operations as much as possible.
Considering the speed by which companies, industries and corporations are being mechanized and comparing it to the increasing number of college graduates each year, there seems to be a looming problem related to human resource. The effect of technology consumption on human resource is, therefore, a topic that is worth researching.
Technology is an important development in the world and that its application has made many aspects in life easier. It is agreeable that, the implementation of technology in industries is important and relevant. Lack of jobs resulting from mechanization is something real in many organizations and companies. My research question in this case is: What is the impact of technology and industry mechanization on human resource around the world?
This research project is very significant. Besides its relevance in education and work, it also represents a contemporary situation that is awaiting all college student in the near future. The project will, therefore, be important in expanding the level of knowledge. The results from this research can, therefore, be used by any college student or institutional management so as to help prepare the students through education and training ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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