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War Should Not Be an Option in Solving International Disputes - Essay Example

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The author concludes that there are peaceful means that can be used to solve disputes of whatever degree. While the author respects the opinions of the critics who think that it is an option, these arguments seem to come from people who have not experienced war.  …
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War Should Not Be an Option in Solving International Disputes
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Extract of sample "War Should Not Be an Option in Solving International Disputes"

Download file to see previous pages There are those people who justify it, but there are also those who feel that there is still another way to avoid war. In my opinion, war should not be an option in any dispute resolution. The effects of the world wars can never be erased from the books of history. Economies were destroyed; lives lost, families separated, people became disabled and other devastating effects were experienced. During the wars, there are countries that restrained themselves from getting involved. For example, the U.S.A in the Second World War did not for a long time get involved. It was only when Pearl Harbor was bombed that they joined in the war. Today wars between states have not ceased, but the countries that know well the outcome, look for other options because there are other options.
Like in the example of the U.S.A cited above, the fact that it eventually joined the war shows that there are times that war is the only option sometimes to solve international disputes. Mohammed S. Halal in his paper discussed this aspect of justifiable war. In this case, he stated that it is only necessary when it is about the protection of human security and not state security. For example, the wars against Somalia, Libya, Liberia, and Iraq were humanitarian in nature (Helal, 558). He further states that these wars preserved the lives of the citizens in these countries. This is a valid point; however, with the political nature of war, telling between a humanitarian crisis and a case of state protection would not be easy. Countries are political, and war is just a selfish expression. A state security protection case will easily pass for a humanitarian crisis. Robert and John assess the ‘bush doctrine’ on whether preventive war is justified. The reason this is called the Bush doctrine is that Bush in 2002, stated that the United States cannot just sit and watch as other countries prepare weapons of mass destruction. That would affect the U.S, and its allies (Christopher, 194). The authors argue that for the same reasons that humanitarian reasons are used to justify war, preventive war can also be justified (Delahunty & John, 828).    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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