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Compose a three- to five-page using one of the following questions: - Essay Example

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“Othello” by William Shakespeare and “A Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen are two plays exposing a drama driven by machinations of two men Iago and Nils Krogstad, who played their significant roles in destroying marriages of the main characters. From the first look at the…
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Compose a three- to five-page essay using one of the following questions:
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"Compose a three- to five-page using one of the following questions:"

Download file to see previous pages It is possible to talk about Krogstad and Iago is similar terms as far as both characters appeared in a similar position in relation to the main characters, becoming the roots of their problems. To start with, Iago and Krogstad found themselves in a similar situation, to some extent. Namely, they are submitted to the authority of the main characters and the career of both appears under threat due to decisions of Othello and Torvald, which serves as an impulse for both men to act. Moreover, both are prone to deceit, fraud, and manipulations. Iago cherishes a plan to “put the Moor at least into a jealousy so strong that judgment cannot cure”, lying him that Desdemona has an affair with Casio as he states “Look to your wife; observe her well with Cassio. (Shakespeare) ” Similarly, Krogstad manipulates Nora resorting to blackmail and intimidation “You have not the will; but I have means to compel you.” (Ibsen) Moreover, he admits committing another machination in the past “many years ago I was guilty of an indiscretion.” (Ibsen) Consequently, both men are prone to using not lawful and mean plans to achieve their aims.
At the same time, characters of Krogstad and Iago are different in terms of their motivation to act. Motives of Krogstad seem to be evident, which is saving his position at the bank and good name. “I am prepared to fight for my post as if for my life.” (Ibsen) Moreover, additional ground for his behavior is found in the fact that he has sons and care about his future: “for their sake I must win as much respect as I can.” (Ibsen) He also mentions that he had been struggling and “content to work step by step”, but now all his efforts and work are under threat. (Ibsen)Therefore, it seems that Krogstad is in a desperate position and this pushes him to intimidation rather than the desire to cause harm and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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