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Statement of Research Gaps - Essay Example

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The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is responsible for shifting America’s education policy for it brought about fresh conditions for the public school federal funding. The Act’s title emerged from its goal of helping children reach their academic potential regardless of…
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Statement of Research Gaps
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Download file to see previous pages Researchers sought to advise legislators but other scholars argued that the effort to redirect the leaders were futile as legislators ignored results that they attained. Researchers have conducted more over the years to determine its successes, if any and its failures. Some have even gone further to give possible recommendations for making the Act better so that it can avail students with adequate education for which it was to avail in the first place. However, further research is needed in some specific areas as some of the issues do not have enough insight whereas others leave readers with unanswered questions.
NCLB does not support public schools only. The statute also supports independent charter schools in their growth through funding some children programs in privately owned schools as well as protecting home schooling parents. However, no studies analyze the effects of the Act on the performance of children in privately owned schools or the home schooled children. This is one gap in the studies conducted on the No Child Left Behind Act.
All the researchers have for sometime have sought answers regarding how the Act can be improved or restructured. However, no researcher has conducted a study to find the cause of the problems at the ground. This is because researches so far conducted for sometime not contend the curriculum has dwindled to the extent of cheating turning to be extremely extensive besides help granted to schools being minimal. Simply restructuring the Act cannot solve all this, which is another gap characterizing NCLB.
Most studies proved NCLB renders some beneficial elements for improving its worthiness in terms of learning in schools. A notable benefit embrace both teachers as well as administrators can adequately appraise critical gaps in performance amid groups of students. However, it was evident that researchers have conducted studies on children from different economic backgrounds and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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