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Role Of The Medical Websites In The Awareness Of The Public - Essay Example

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The paper "Role Of The Medical Websites In The Awareness Of The Public" discusses the NIMH National Institute of Mental Health website as a credible information source on mental disorders. Its aim is to invite members of the public to visit the facility for treatment or seek consultations online…
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Download file to see previous pages This website has considered all those factors and thus provides the email address, telephone number and even a live chat handle, where a member of the general public can directly chat with Ayuda en Vivo, who is available on weekdays at 8:30 am to 5:00 in the evening. In addition to this, there is a hotline that is toll-free and a fax number, catering for both English and Spanish speakers.
This website is crucial to the general public, as far as their health is concerned. It is special since it provides information on a unique type of illness, a mental illness. Facilities providing treatment of these disorders are few; thus, there is dire need to provide enough information about their existence. This website has accurately done this by providing a mental health treatment locator, in addition to clear details of their offices and areas of specialization. The authors, who are officials in the U.S department of health and human sciences, exhaustively provide all the necessary data needed by the consumers, who are the general public. It, therefore, suffices to admit that the authors of this website are qualified to write it.
The National Institute of Mental Health is the institution responsible for publishing this website, and the U.S government maintains it. The website is protected by various provisions of the U.S code. Any person in violation of this code is subject to criminal prosecution in a criminal court. To counter unauthorized attempts to add damage or change any information on the website, software programs are employed.Information from these soft wares is used in tracking down violators of the site for prosecution. The publications of NIMH are however available in the public domain. They may, therefore, be reproduced or copied without permission. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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