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A few kind world for superstition - Essay Example

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This refers to a situation whereby one event, results to the occurrence of another event, without a natural process that links the identified events. This concept of superstition is grounded on issues such…
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A few kind world for superstition
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Download file to see previous pages People believe that wizards and witches speak with spiritual beings, and they have the power of either carrying out good or bad. Furthermore, because of their relationship with spiritual beings, witches and wizards have the capability of foretelling the future. This is just a superstitious belief. Superstition has four major manifestations amongst people (Davis, 2).
The first type of manifestation is referred to as the vain observance manifestation (Davis, 2). Vain observance refers to the use of techniques for purposes of obtaining a result or a consequence, that by following the natural process, it would be difficult to obtain the results under consideration. A good example of vain observance is sorcery and witchcraft. Sorcery relies on spiritual beings or demonic forces for purposes of controlling other people, or causing harm to them. Furthermore, sorcery and witchcraft aims at gaining an advantage over other people through un-natural means or methods. This is for the benefit of the sorcerer, or the wizard (Murphy, 13). This aspect of vain observance has come under criticism by some leading religions such as Christianity and Islam. These religions condemn the existence of sorcerers and magicians, and they are viewed as deceiving the society. This is because they use demonic forces to manipulate and lie to the people. By looking at this critique, it is therefore possible to denote that even the church believes in the existence of spiritual beings, and their capabilities.
The second manifestation of superstition is divination (Davis, 3). Divination refers to an attempt of gaining insight to a situation or question through an occultist process. Throughout history, many people have used divination through a variety of forms or procedures. This is by interpreting sign, events, omens, or an alleged contact with a supernatural being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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