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All rigorous scientific inquiry is based on the scientific method which is a collection of techniques and ideologies that are meant to enhance scientific inquiry and increase the accumulation of knowledge (Kothari 9). This method has gone through development and improvement at…
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Process Essay
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Download file to see previous pages l stage of the scientific method involves observation and since curiosity leads to new knowledge, the method of observation, which is simple, is considered as the process that defines the question (OConnor and Faille 6). Observations are directed at phenomena that cannot be explained by simply relying on the existing knowledge. Therefore, the observation process looks into phenomena that can be explained by explained by knowledge that has already been collected but can also be explained differently. What follows then is seeking to explain the particular phenomenon and the reasons influencing its occurrence.
The step that follows entails researching the existing knowledge on the question that has been formed from the observation. For example, if a person observed that their car is not starting, the question will then be why that car is not starting. The knowledge that may be possessed by the individual concerning cars will be used in trying to figure out what may be the problem. The individual might also look into the manual or on the internet for information that may be related to the problem. If a scientist was in a situation such as this, he or she would look for more information from scientific journals that have previously published research that has been conducted by other scientists. Research on existing knowledge is carried out since the question that seeks to be answered might have been dwelled on before, or information that is associated with it may assist in coming up with a hypothesis.
Establishing a hypothesis is the next part of the procedure of using scientific methods in solving problems. A hypothesis can be explained as a probable explanation for the phenomenon that was observed during observation. It is usually more than a simple guess since it is founded of a comprehensive review of the current knowledge associated with the subject. A good hypothesis postulates a cause-effect connection such as the reason why the car will not start is because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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