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Experience of having a child at a young age (age-18) - Essay Example

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Before realizing this dream, there are many and different factors that come into play. First, a person’s age is a critical factor in that regard. Secondly, these events require a lot of time and…
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Experience of having a child at a young age (age-18)
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Download file to see previous pages Even though my friends and I had numerous differences, it was easy to get along and share so much of our life experiences. From time to time, I would think and talk about my future especially where I expected to be in ten years or so. Just like any other typical woman, I would talk about getting into a successful career and starting a family that would remain united forever.
Soon after graduating high school, my friendship and relationship with my friends kept growing over time. Some time passed and the story remained the same. Nothing much happened in my life until I discovered I was expecting a child at the age of eighteen. I was happy but worried too that I would have a child at a young age. On one hand, pregnancy was not a welcome thing in my life at that age. I felt it had begun to complicate my life from there on. I had never thought of having a child at the age of eighteen. My complete focus was on going to college and pursuing a career that would change my life for the better. On the other hand, pregnancy was a situation I had to face without fear or guilt.
In many instances, I was concerned not only about my education, but also about the fact that getting a child at a young age would affect the rest of my life. To get through it, I had to convince myself that all would be well and everything would work out in my favor. However, it was obvious that college education was on hold at that point. Days, weeks, and months passed, and eventually I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom I named Lucy. Before my nineteenth birthday, I was a mother. At my age, I had so much to learn about caring for the baby. I attended parenting classes and had frequent visits to the doctor to ensure that the baby’s progress was good.
One major thing I always recognize is the support I received from my family and friends. My family stood by me and provided me with financial support since I still depended on my parents. Surprisingly, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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