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Writing assignment 1 - Essay Example

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My school life experiences have educated me that nothing is necessary for one to accomplish something since one has to have an open brain to new concepts, ideas, reasoning for one to get a job. On the contrarily if you have the privilege of attending school I recommend you take…
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Writing assignment 1
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Download file to see previous pages I have experienced conflict with my professor to a point I contemplated dropping out but I chose to obey him.
My experience with my professor trained me that I have to obey authority since in higher education as a student I stand to gain or lose in the brave new world. The professor has the authorization of setting the curriculum and all students must abide by it.
I decided to invest in E-learning since it was worth the time and resources. The instruction for online learning requires curriculum, technology device, the professor, and l the learner. A flourishing online classroom has collaborative learning processes and outcomes. In lieu with technology I had to learn an entire web based software suite to enable me in my online class. At first the university support team gave me a hand until I was able to write all the content and make updates. My teaching style had the alignment of a facilitator model prior to beginning the course. Initially I was not sure of the student-professor communication since I was used to the traditional face-to-face class. The key to success in online learning is the communication and interaction with the professor just as it is with face-to-face in a classroom scenario. My processor of distance education leads me to experience four types of challenges that include academic property, academic freedom, faculty workload, and academic job market.
I am troubled by the simple fact that my distance education professor fails to provide me with quality education. I reckon that the physical separation between the faculty and the students prevent a good interpersonal contact between the professor and the student. The faculty members of the university have devised inappropriate testing procedures that make it difficult for me to receive quality education. I have criticized the professor severally for the amount of problems of higher education. The issue of intellectual property entails the ownership of the course materials. A student can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Writing Assignment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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