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Character Analysis Paper - Essay Example

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C Boyles Greasy Lake is one the leading characters in the short story. Digbys role in the story is more of a stock character whose appearance of a teenage bad boy seems quite stereotypical. Digby is part of a group that defines itself as bad. He is nineteen, a very…
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Character Analysis Paper
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Download file to see previous pages They wear leather jacks, drink gin and grape juice in order to give the appearance of a cool group of buys. However, in the end, the insecurities and fear of Digby is brought forward as he is unable to maintain his cool in a dire situation.
From the interaction between the group, it seems quite clear that Digby is the untold leader of the group. It is Digby who instigates the group in getting into rebellious situations. For instance, it was Digby who pointed the blue car to the narrator. Rather than collaborating with his friends, he took over the situation in a manner that an unofficial leader would take. It was not Digby who was driving the car but rather the narrator because the narrator owned the car. Digby was sitting in the passenger seat right beside the narrator. His position in the car also points towards his role in the group. He was happy to let the narrator ride the car but he placed himself in a position where he could control the car. He did this when started fighting for the wheel and leaned over the horn. He even instructed the narrator to turn on the flashlights (Boyle, 1985).
Digbys character is dynamic because it changes at the end of the story. From being a cool boy, Digby evolves into a scared one. Digbys attitude at the beginning of the story was one of nonchalance. He was living a life where he derived fun at others stake. However, when he is beaten up by the man in the blue car, he is scared. Digby did fight with the man initially but realized that he was not strong enough to beat the man. Therefore he ran away from fear. He, like his friends, hid on the other side of lake for the entire night only out of fear. Even when he did get on in the morning, he was in a hurry to get back. The offer of drugs by a beautiful girl did not persuade him to stay.
In many ways, Digby is quite like the young teenagers. They may appear to be cool from the outside but inside they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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