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Write a 3 page response to an argument presented in the reading - Essay Example

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The author traces the history of mankind’s happiness from the time when Christianity was being formed, down to the conquering of new land by the Europeans to…
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Write a 3 page response to an argument presented in the reading
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Download file to see previous pages The author points out however that happiness is a subjective feeling and what makes one person happy does not necessarily mean it will make the other happy.
Happiness is a subjective feeling which has never really been completely achieved by man throughout history. In fact as time goes and years passes, happiness continues to dwindle and people become more frustrated and cases of neurotics increase. Civilization has in fact contributed greatly to the reduction of happiness in man. This is so because humans are under more pressure now and life is much more complicated than it was during the earlier years of primitive living and conditions. This is evidenced by the writing of the writer “…what we call our civilization is largely responsible for our misery, and that we should be much happier if we gave it up and returned to primitive conditions (Freud 33).”
There is an argument that civilization has brought about technology and made man superior to the nature but this in the end has not brought happiness “one would like to ask: is there, then, no positive gain in pleasure, no unequivocal increase in my feeling of happiness…?” (Freud 35). Even with development of fancy technical equipment and gadgets such as ships and telephones, people are still miserable as they do not get to be with their loved ones who are away. The technology has made people grow apart and lifestyles to change for the worse. The technological advancements and the civilizations mentioned in the article lead to development of difficult situations and restrain the life of people even more and further reduce their happiness level.
Happiness as mentioned in the article is a subjective feeling and which cannot be forced on people and cannot be experienced by everyone. According to Pascal (2008), happiness is defined differently by different people and what may cause happiness to one person may not necessarily emanate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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