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My First Conk from Malcolm X - Essay Example

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My first conk is an autograph of Malcolm X stating that he dislikes how black people undergo pain when they try to change their hair in order to look like the white people. In response to his decision of advocating against these traits of copying whites, I agree with…
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My First Conk from Malcolm X
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Extract of sample "My First Conk from Malcolm X"

My First Conk from Malcolm X My first conk is an autograph of Malcolm X stating that he dislikes how black people undergo pain when they try to change their hair in order to look like the white people. In response to his decision of advocating against these traits of copying whites, I agree with him.
Malcolm was a mere poor ghetto boy when he had his first conk. However, he had to save some money to conk his hair. He also had to endure a lot of pain even though the result did not disappoint since his hair turned to what he always dreamt it would become. He conked his hair for many years but when he was in prison, he noted that black people endure much pain trying to look like whites (Malcolm, 127). Blacks thus degrade their natural bodies without realizing that such degradations are embarrassing as Malcolm says that it seems foolish to see women having green and pink wigs to look like whites. Moreover, none of the blacks are ever thinking of gaining similar education or intelligence as that of the whites (Malcolm, 131).
Conked hair and wigs illustrates that blacks have been brainwashed because even in the modern world, most blacks still feel inferior to the whites. Blacks are always ready to endure the pain of conk hair even after knowing that it does not make a black person more adorable. This is based on the argument by Malcolm that no woman will admire a man based on his hair appearance no matter how well the conk is; it does not add any value to the man (Malcolm, 136).
In conclusion, before Malcolm realized that conk hair was a degradation of his natural body, he was willing to endure the pain to look like the whites but after he discovered that blacks had been brainwashed to think they are inferior to the whites, he has never had a conk (Malcolm, 141). All black individuals need to do as Malcolm did and instead of trying to be like the whites, they should instead study hard to better than the whites.
Work cited
Malcolm, X. The Autobiography of Malcolm X. London: Penguin, 2001. Read More
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