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The Analysis Of The Rocking Horse Winner - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of the paper "The Analysis Of The Rocking Horse Winner" analyzes the several literary techniques which the author Laurence uses to build up the narrative "The Rocking Horse Winner" is about a young ambitious and industrious boy, Paul and his quest to become lucky…
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The Analysis Of The Rocking Horse Winner
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Download file to see previous pages  The author, Laurence, employs several literary techniques to build up the narrative. The life of Paul is seen to undergo a gradual transformation from a naïve irresponsible boy to a responsible person. This has been achieved by use of various techniques.The author used repetition style in his art. The phrase “there must be more money” has been repeated severally. This enabled the children to have the unending desire and hope for the best and work to attain luck, even though their family was not well up. The entire development of the narrative has been built majorly on dialogue technique.  This breaks it monotony of being too much of a narration thus bringing it to present. Exposition of Bassett's character, as a great horse-racer, described as 'a perfect blade of the "stuff"', has been brought out by use of flashback technique. Oscar vividly explains to Paul how Bassett left horse racing event after being wounded. Lastly, it is ironical that the main character dies(Laurence, 5). The author has succeeded in bringing out the theme of parental responsibility. Paul's parent, though their income could not support most of their upkeep, they were concerned about their children who were growing up.  On the other hand, Paul pressed on towards gaining money and being lucky. Sometimes, he would not allow any advice from his mother; he was blinded by what he believed in, luck. The author affirms that Paul took no heed of other people. This is absolute lust for material gain.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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