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What are the factors that may contribute our brain's efficeency and accuracy when performing a task - Essay Example

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It initiates body movements, interprets senses, controls body behaviors and most importantly determines one’s intelligence. However, its performance, efficiency and accuracy are…
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What are the factors that may contribute our brains efficeency and accuracy when performing a task
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Extract of sample "What are the factors that may contribute our brain's efficeency and accuracy when performing a task"

Download file to see previous pages Research studies show that there are numerous ways in which one can improve his or her brain’s efficiency and accuracy while performing a task. According Richard Restak, brain’s efficiency and accuracy are significantly improved by performing one task at a time, rather than multi-tasking. This is because human brains have some limitations that man must accept. Multi-tasking makes the overall performance of the brain slower, or less efficient than it would be if an individual is performing one task at a time. This argument is based on neuroscientific evidence and experiments that have been previously conducted among them being David Meyer’s research study.
Meyer found that multitasking affects both the efficiency and the accuracy of the brains. He stated that “not only the speed of performance, the accuracy of performance, but what I call the fluency of performance, the gracefulness of their performance, was negatively influenced by the overload of multitasking.” However, this is against the popular misconception that multitasking keeps one head above the rising flood of daily demands that many people believe in.
Performing one task at a time improves brain’s efficiency and accuracy because human brains have short-term memories that store between five and nine items at a time. Attempts to achieve more than one task that require both attention and consideration leads to slowing down of the brain’s efficiency and accuracy. Human brains cannot take in and process more than one streams of information, and effectively encode it to produce a short-term memory. If the information taken in does not make it into the short memory, it means that it cannot be transferred to the long-term memory for recall later.
However, multitasking may not affect brain’s efficiency and accuracy to high extents especially if the tasks being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Are the Factors That May Contribute Our brain'S Efficeency and Essay.
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