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Response to a newspaper editorial - Essay Example

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Pawlowski on Today Parents points out that iPads are not appropriate for children based on the premise that Steve Jobs, the chief architect of iPads, does not approve of the gadgets to his children. The author’s inspiration is the peculiar manner in which…
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Response to a newspaper editorial
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Download file to see previous pages On the contrary, Steve Jobs and his counterparts know what other parents do not - the dangers of technology – and for that reason, they ensure their families and technology are worlds apart.
Parents and kids, particularly those who use the iPad, would find this article very useful. Perhaps there is the need for a rethinking on this subject. The explosive growth of digital devices and smartphones is transforming the lives of children, at home and in school. Research reveals that even the youngest children are present online, using smartphones and tablets, and downloading apps. Consumer Reports published last year reveal that over 7.5 million children in America under age 13 are using Facebook, which technically requires all users to be 13 years and above to be eligible to open an account. Nobody has an idea on what technology and media use will mean for children as they grow up.
Pawlowski’s does not directly hit at the iPads for children, but her major concern is that children are more prone to mess up with the devices if not supervised. In essence, she argues that technology is not evil for children as Steve Jobs portrays in his stringent measures against the use of the devices back at home, but parents should keenly monitor and regulate the same. Her strongest evidence to support this position lies in the recommendations tabled by the American Academy for Pediatrics, in which children and teenagers should not spend more than two hours a day using the gadgets and that children under two years should be allowed half an hour daily so long as the activity is one that engages them. Precisely, parents should ration technology use similar to the administration of a balanced diet. Only this way will the children enjoy the benefits of digital technology in a healthy way. This trend calls for intensified supervision by parents to realize its effectiveness.
The problem with the recommendation above is that parents are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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