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Donald Marc Allens Struggle with Cancer - Essay Example

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This paper "Donald Marc Allen’s Struggle with Cancer" focuses on Donald Marc Allen - a resident of Manhattan. In December 2009 Allen was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The thirty-five-year-old was surprised but began extensive treatment and a series of therapies.  …
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Extract of sample "Donald Marc Allens Struggle with Cancer"

Download file to see previous pages Marc Allen’s experience was a revelation, one that drew his attention to the importance of frequent screening among other forms of medical checkups.
Marc Allen is a thirty-five-year-old American currently living in Manhattan. He works in the office of the attorney general as one of the clerks. He, therefore, enjoys comprehensive medical cover from the government among other associated benefits. Besides such, Marc Allen has additional health insurance. He sought the product soon after the formulation and successful implementation of the Obama care health act. The act made insurance services both affordable and available. He is a family man, married to Marie Marc Allen and the two have three children schooling within the New York State. He, therefore, lives as many other middle-class Americans facing similar challenges but prioritizing the health of their families a feature that validates the numerous health insurance policies he has both for himself and the other members of his family.
He explains his experience with prostate cancer as one of the most infuriating. Given his young age, he did not think that he would suffer from such a disease. Prior to the diagnosis, Marc Allen lived a busy life concentrating on both his legal work and his family. Never did it occur to him that he would suffer from such a disease. He, therefore, did not go for any form of screening until he was admitted with abdominal pains. It was then that the doctors advised that he undergo a thorough screening of other types of tests. The screening proved that he had prostate cancer and was therefore to undergo a series of radiographic in one of the most sensitive parts of his body. He explains that the diagnosis was a scare since he had not anticipated such a disease. He lived in denial for a while but with the support from his family and the advice from his doctors, he opted for the radiology treatment since the doctors explained that he had high chances of surviving.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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