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How the human race should and could ethically handle new technological developments - Essay Example

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Science and technology have over the course of the last century brought about unprecedented changes in the way humans live and interact with each other. Every day, new discoveries are made in various fields from ICT to medical and genetic technology. However, while there have…
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How the human race should and could ethically handle new technological developments
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Extract of sample "How the human race should and could ethically handle new technological developments"

Download file to see previous pages An ethical perspective in handling the immense potential that technology brings about is necessary for future development in the areas of genetic modification in humans, food production and crime surveillance. This will helps us avoid negative fallout and ensure the technology is used for the good of mankind.
One of the most controversial issues has to do with genetic engineering, which has become a reality of modern medicine and has been taken up by several practitioners who use it to diagnose and treat various conditions. The Knowledge has allowed scientists to make a map of the human genome and it is expected that in the long run, it will be possible to accurately predict an individual’s health condition based on readings of their DNA from infancy. Even then, there is the dilemma presented by the fact that “While we may know an embryo carries a gene for a disease, we cannot be certain the disease will arise” (The Dalai Lama 134). In addition, it can become possible for people to create organs in the laboratory so that people in need of organ transplants do not have to undergo the agonizing wait that too often ends in fatality. While conceding that the developments are bound to be very helpful, it is important to take into account the fact that there will be a lot of information available to scientist and it may have serious social and ethical implications. This is because “People’s life choices and indeed their very self-identity may be significantly affected by the perception of genetic risk” (The Dalai Lama 134). Take for example; the knowledge of genetic forecasting given that DNA can be used to predict one’s health condition. It may soon become necessary to label some DNA or rather people as “soon to be sick” (The Dalai Lama 134). In the modern world, there are numerous standards for what qualifies as attractive which explains the multimillion cosmetic industry where people spend billions for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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