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My Personal Story about English - Essay Example

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The essay “My Personal Story about English” is the author’s reflection on the issues tied with his mastering English as a foreign language, his thoughts on when oral language skills develop more easily than written communication, about the importance of the regular speaking practice…
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My Personal Story about English
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Download file to see previous pages Writing formal English is tough because I have to observe a lot of rules not to mention that I have to organize my thoughts. It is easier if I will just write a paragraph or two because I need not organize it but it is different when I have to write long pages of writing especially those that are required in class.  This one is relatively easier to write because I just have to write from my experience.  But when it gets longer and the topic becomes more difficult, I usually have a hard time writing it especially getting the paper started.
There are several in the past where my difficulty in speaking English became a burden or in forming a new friendship with people.  I like to meet and know all sorts of people and if possible to have a new set of friends all the time.  People just interests me.  There was this incident however that my English was still not that good that I had difficulty speaking it.  I was introduced to a new set of friends and I was eager and excited to know them.  But alas, I was not a good conversationalist in English and I lost their interest.  As a result, we did not end up as good friends but only acquaintances.  I felt bad about it because I was really interested to make them my friends, know their hobbies and probably learn it too.
There are instances however where my knowledge in English was rewarding.  I may not be an excellent writer or speaker of English but I can competently communicate with the language.  There was this time we were on holiday in South East Asia where most of the people speak in their native tongue.  It is difficult because the place is foreign to me and did not know how to go about because I was new to the place.  Luckily, the locals knew that I am a foreigner and are able to speak and write in English.  So the initial intimidation of going around and not knowing my way was overcome because I could ask around using the English language.  English is truly a universal language because people whom you do not expect to communicate with because of differences in native tongue can be overcome by speaking the English language thereby overcoming the language barrier.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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