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GA Army National Guard Should Provide Laptop Access to all Soldiers - Assignment Example

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I submit herewith a proposal for Providing Laptops for Soldiers who are compellingly encouraged, almost demanded to further their tutelage both in the military and in the civilian side, especially in the wake of their return from Afghanistan.
I am requesting funding in the…
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GA Army National Guard Should Provide Laptop Access to all Soldiers
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Download file to see previous pages The reason for this effort is to find out the best possible way to give the Georgia Army national Guardsmen access to computers. There are two options on the table to achieve this. Option one is to designate a computer lab at each armory, while option two is to buy laptops for soldiers. Cost, efficiency, time, desirability and practicality form the criteria for rationing the decision. Internet research, phone calls, unit surveys and interviews are performed to research data to analyze the criteria. After careful analysis option one turns out to be the better of the two. Designating a computer lab offers many advantages and scores higher on the criterion table. Other than lower cost ‘option one’ can be completed in lesser time.
Technology is imperative in the military. There are no second opinions in the argument that the soldiers need to learn, acquire and practice the technology skills. The war in Afghanistan is ending. The troops have to return home soon. In the near future The National Guard will be relatively inactive at the international level. The Georgia Army National Guard is focusing on the education and the professional growth of their soldiers. Although the national guards are not recruits where the administration forces them to complete their education and grow in the professional career of their choosing, yet, if they do choose to grow within the ranks then they need to put a lot of effort in accomplishing those goals. And the best way to do that are the online courses. These courses take weeks to complete. And those courses are not the only thing on their schedule. They have to show good performance in the annual and monthly NCOERs. The administration is also responsible for completing any counseling statements. The soldiers have a lot of work that they need to complete on a computer. The unfortunate thing is that not all soldiers have computers or desktops in their homes. Moreover, the soldiers have different computers and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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