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Compare and contrast between iPad Air and kindle fire - Essay Example

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Since the day technology was created, it greatly influenced the way we live, and our mode of communication has been altered as…
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Compare and contrast between iPad Air and kindle fire
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Download file to see previous pages Many people recognize the versatility of a tablet because it can function both as a smartphone and a laptop. Laptops are difficult to be carried around and a smartphone is too small to be used for some work applications, and these disadvantages led to the design of the tablets.
Among the numerous tablet brands, iPad Air and Kindle Fire are the most popular. In my point of view, I prefer the iPad Air. I have seen many advertisements of the two products and I figured out that Apple is the best. This essay will demonstrate that iPad Air is more effective than Kindle Fire because the ads create stronger emotional, ethical and logical appeals.
Emotional Appeal. After reading and watching the commercial ads of both iPad Air and Kindle Fire, I realized many things. Although both advertisements try to capture the emotions of the audience, the iPad Air ad connected more. The emotional appeal of the iPad Air ad is more effective because the images chosen for the ad gave the audience an idea of the different situations and places where the iPad Air and its software applications can be used (Apple, I can say that the iPad Air advertisement described how life looks like from one iPad Air user to another. In addition, the clarity of the images grabs the audiences emotions to try and see the difference themselves. The voice-over, the background music and images of beautiful places and different kinds of people greatly appeal to the emotions of the audience making it a very effective ad.
Focusing more on the voice-over, I liked how it sounded, as if someone is reading me a poem. But other than aesthetics and delivery, the message also appealed emotionally. It was no longer just a poem being read to the audience, but more persuasive in nature, as if the audience was being courted by someone from a Shakespeare novel. At one glance, and with so much going on in the ad, I had to keep watching it over and over because with each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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