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Intercultural Speaker Summary Leymah Gbowee - Essay Example

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Leymah Gbowee is an iron woman as she is popularly acclaimed around the world for her selfless efforts towards peace and tranquility in the republic of Liberia. Leymah was born on the first day of February 1972 at a small village in Liberia. She grew up witnessing the hardships…
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Intercultural Speaker Summary Leymah Gbowee
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Download file to see previous pages st recognized women in the Africa, Liberia in particular for her noble efforts in mobilizing women across the religious divide for the sole intention of fostering peace among the people of Liberia.
Her efforts were mainly women-centered as she used pro-women movements to agitate for an end to the long civil war that had jeopardized the republic of Liberia for more than a decade (Gbowee & Mithers, 2011). This earned her great recognition both within and the world at large thus, enabling her to garner a number of international awards most notably the Nobel Peace Prize, which she won in the year 2011 for her active role in empowering women to fight for their rights and end of war. Over the years, she has always worked closely with Ellen Johnson and their efforts bore fruits when Liberia held its first free elections and, which were won by a female candidate the first one in the history of black Africa (Gbowee & Mithers, 2011).
Despite the long strife of civil war that was witnessed in Liberia for close to fifteen years, the efforts of Leymah and her colleagues ensured the plight of women was checked and most importantly, their fundamental rights were safeguarded. In her presentation “Mighty be our Powers” she mainly concentrates on elaborating to the world, what the power of united women can achieve in the world, which is largely dominated by men. The main points that she vividly brings out include mobilization of women across borders regardless of their ethnicity or religion, women empowerment, most importantly the need to protect the fundamental rights of women and finally the plight of women in the event of unrest such as prolonged civil wars (Gbowee & Mithers 2011).
The presentation is meant for the public given the kind of knowledge that it presents. However, after critical analysis it can be deduced that the main audience of this particular presentation can be categorized into two major groups namely; women and the rest of the people. Women formed a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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