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Gender narrative is not an exception of the genre as it also created with the help of information transmitted orally or in written form. But the most important it is…
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Download file to see previous pages Critical analysis of these phenomena allows seeing some common prejudices. Men have the necessity to remain behind the mask of masculinity showing no emotions and being aggressive. Women have second roles and are supposed to be treated accordingly and that is why women have no power. These distorted narrative about man and women create many problems for both sexes as it turns out. And the essay is aimed to show which exact problems appear because of this.
Boys are taught from the little age to be real men. However, what exactly being a real man means is usually learnt from media. And children unable to understand what is literal and what is not take everything for granted. For instance, Pixar was shooting cartoons with the leading characters being male only. Lonely male creatures in the company of male characters went off on some quest or fought villains in all the Pixar cartoons. Women played secondary roles or sometimes even become final achievements of the heroes. And boys along with girls learn that women cannot be leaders and cannot dream to be presidents. However, since when leadership skills are about power and not about the ability to think analytically and to find resolutions of the problems? And women are equally good in these tasks.
Moreover, boys are taught to avoid emotions as emotions are perceived as female feature. However, avoiding real feelings leads to their suppression and to ruining any boy`s personality. The video “The mask you live in” shows that the results of such changes in psyche are pitiful. Boys are often diagnosed with behavioral disorders and receive medications as treatment, abuse alcohol and drugs and even commit suicides. They are also are more likely to become criminals since they always need to show their masculinity and aggression.
The situation with girls is even more critical. Despite feministic movement girls have to fit the stereotypes of womanliness: be gentle and speechless. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Argumentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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