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Character Comparison - Term Paper Example

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Our Town written by Thorton Wilder is a play about Grover’s Corners in New Hampshire which is a typical town with normal issues to resolve and normal scenarios to ponder upon. The main focus of the story revolves around the cycle of human existence from being born to growing…
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Character Comparison
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Download file to see previous pages George Gibbs is the son of the Gibb couple whose father is a doctor and who has one sister, Rebecca. He excels in the field of sports specifically basketball and he dreams of studying at the State Agricultural School. His plan changes when he started a relationship with Emily Webb and married her. Emily Webb is George’s neighbor and later his wife. She is good in school and also a good daughter and sister of Wally. After marrying George, she dies of child birth. The lives that Emily and George lived exemplify normal lives devoid of too much excitement or important events, although in this case this is the perfect manner that the writer can point out the importance of appreciating everyday life.
In relation to the main focus of the play, the stage manager is the bearer of the important quotations in the play which connects the audience to the author. Wilder uses methods within the play that can be considered unique but due to the fact that not many author uses the discussion of the play as part of the play itself as what the stage manager and the actors acting as part of the audience are doing, the people who are watching the play are clearly guided toward the main point of the whole plot. Without the said technique, the audience can miss the point of the play. Another method Wilder used is symbols. Throughout the play there are different symbols that can be found. The time capsule represents the importance of history and the past to humanity. Another is the symbolism of monotonous activities in the town through the activities of the milkman and the newspaper boy.
Another focus of the play is the journey of George and Emily. Through the course of the plot they develop and grow. There are important quotations presented in the play that described the growth of the two characters and the different personalities in the plot. The first quote expressed “So…This is the way we were: in our growing up and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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