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The Obamacare - Research Paper Example

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It means that the Obama’s strategy is to reduce health costs by rationalizing the services that will receive patients in future (Feldstein). It seems to be…
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The Obamacare
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Download file to see previous pages The second objective of the program is to create stock exchange for insurers, which will purchase insurance at a reasonable price to those Americans who dont have it yet. At the same time, Obama is going to provide loans and preferential prices for those businesses and individuals who do not have sufficient resources (Tate, 12).
The third point of the plan provides the introduction of compulsory health insurance, which would reduce unplanned budget expenses for treatment of uninsured persons. This innovation will affect only those individuals and institutions that will be able to pay the appropriate fees (Tate, 12).
Thus, I consider that this reform is necessary for the USA. The current medical system differs with unresolved interaction between the public and private sectors. Despite the fact that the government allocates huge sums into the health care system, it has no effective levers of control over prices and costs of services and drugs and it will get those levers due to this reform.
So, as you see, this plan would entail mainly positive effects. The average American will likely see a reduction in the cost of his health insurance, and up to 30-44 million citizens who now do not have insurance will get access to insurance coverage through Medicare, Medicaid or public insurance plans (Wilensky). In addition, they will be able to include in their insurance the child until he will reach the age of 26. It wont depend on whether a child has own family or whether he lives with parents/separately/on the university campus or whether he depends or not on parents financially. Previously, this kind of insurance was limited by age of 18 years.
ObamaCare also brings unprecedented reforms in Medicare for pensioners. Now they do not have to pay a certain amount of money from their own pocket – the program will cover it. Millions of pensioners are already exempt from additional payments "out of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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